The Botelle PTO

The goal of the Botelle PTO is to enhance the educational experience and support the students and teaching staff by providing additional equipment, services, and special events. We work to foster a close working relationship between parents, teachers/staff and students and believe that a strong PTO is evidence of parental interest and ensures a better school environment for our children.


The PTO holds monthly meetings to discuss and implement the ideas of parents and the teaching staff. Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the first Monday of each month. All are welcome. Even if you are unable to attend meetings, we value your input … please feel free to reach out to us at! 

Officers (Effective January 2020)

President: Lisa Bazzano

Vice President: Sarah Fiester

Secretary: Kailyn Nadeau

Treasurer: Jenna Brown

Committee Chairs

Communications: Ginger Prisco-Coleman

Cultural Enrichment: Ann DeCerbo

Family Fun: Sarah Fiester

Fundraising: Jenna Brown

Norfolk After School Program: Hilary VanWright

Original Works: Darlene Torrant

Receptions/Refreshments: Lisa Bazzano

Scholastic Book Fairs: Jenna Brown

Annual PTO Sponsored Events

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social

Veteran's Day Luncheon

Fall, Winter & Spring After School Programs

Scholastic Book Fairs

Holiday Fair

Spirit Week + Movie Night

Talent Show

Family Game Night

5th/6th Grade Dance

WIN Weekend Summer Night Festival

2019/20 Cultural Events

Math Magical – Math focus

Math Magical is a 45 minute production designed to get your kids pumped about math.  With Math Magical, math is never boring. In fact, it is exciting, fun, and cool! Using MAGIC, COMEDY, and TONS of AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION, Brian Richards will make math come alive.    The show is designed for grades K - 6 and every show will get your kids excited about Problem Solving, Probabilities, Fractions, Geometry, and so much more. Your students and staff will learn an awesome math trick that will stimulate their brains and fool their families. They will discover that MATH is EVERYWHERE and important for anyone that wants to be successful.   In other words, they will learn that they need to Study Math To Be On A Better Path.



Rain Forest Animals – Animal focus

This award winning, educational, and highly entertaining show will allow your students and staff to meet some of the world’s most exciting and fascinating rainforest animals. Wonders of the rainforest will showcase live animals and artifacts from the rainforests around the world, as well as cover their survival, natural history, geography, natural behaviors, and conservation education. The show promotes awareness and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation education on the local, national, and global scale. Each presentation will feature live animal ambassadors from around the world. The show will consist of at least 5-6 rainforest animals that your students will have a chance to get up close and personal with, including: Macaw, Hornbill, Iguana, Various snakes, Honey Bear, Rainforest anthropoids, Rainforest reptiles, Rainforest amphibians, and Brazilian Badger.


Bright Star – Theater / History focus

Bright Star Touring Theatre specializes in literary, curriculum and character-education based performances that are at home in any space! All of our shows are highly entertaining, contain a strong character education message, and are directly related to important curricular concepts.  Program:  “ONE SMALL STEP...” THE REAL LIFE JOURNEY TO OUTER SPACE.  Few events in human history have captured the imagination quite like the journey that humankind took to the moon! This tale marks the history of flight and space travel from the Wright Brothers



Forward Motions BMX – Phys Ed / Positivity focus

Incorporating an inspirational theme, our professional BMX riders showcase extreme athleticism, years of disciplined practice, and a positive attitude to help guide your students to find their passion in life. Tricks like back-flips and supermans enable our riders to capture even the most difficult audience’s attention and opens a window to present inspirational messages from topics that can influence students to think about their own futures and how they can become positive role models for their community. Shows are all inclusive; utilizing 2 professional BMX riders, a 4ft tall jump, and professional sound equipment for an action packed and inspirational show experience. In their own words, “Our show is designed to help us lead by example, and ignite the desire to do so in others.”


Laser Science – Science focus

Imagine your student’s excitement as they walk down the hall to a professional Laser light show! The only thing better than that excitement is your staff’s knowledge that all of this “fun” fits right into their STEM curriculum. LaserScience is all about optics and vision. The physics of optics help us add layers of excitement to the show. But that’s half the story. We also explore how one beam creates entire images, using the science of our eyes. As we play with visual perception, we even delve into motion in movies, cartoons, and laser shows.  Areas of focus include: persistence of vision, perception of motion, light rays and momentum, how lasers make light, how science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) work together


African Drum and Dance – Dance focus

Oumar and his group have been coming to the US from Senegal for eight years to bring American schools examples of their cultural heritage and message of unity and each year the show grows in scale and popularity. Your students and staff will experience traditional clothing and culture, music and dance, antique instruments and drums, and tons of audience participation—all while being a part of one of the best assembly programs available anywhere. Without hesitation, I can tell you that this is a truly unique and important opportunity and almost all of our customers that have had them once, have had them back multiple times.

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Lauren Valentino, Principal

128 Greenwoods Road East

Norfolk, CT  06058

Tel: 860-542-5286