The Botelle PTO

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This year is different for our children in so many ways.  Students and school staff are wearing masks throughout the day and mobility in school is limited.  More time than ever is spent in front of screens and social distancing is the new normal.  In addition, the COVD-19 restrictions mean that traditional fundraising avenues - bake sales, events, catalog sales, even membership drives - are impossible.  We are simply unable to make personal contact in the same way as before.  


That said, the PTO remains devoted to enriching our school children. We believe that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth, and we continue to search out new ways to support our children and teachers.

Over the 2020 summer, we renovated the covered playground - transforming it from a dusty storage space to a bright, inviting space for children - and we focused on building up a vibrant, productive garden, complete with handicap accessible picnic tables and project-friendly tents.  We also provided customized masks for all students and staff to help ease the transition to indoor spaces.


Please consider donating and help us continue to support Norfolk's children!

PTO Mission

The goal of the Botelle PTO is to enhance the educational experience and support the students and teaching staff by providing additional equipment, services, and special events. We work to foster a close working relationship between parents, teachers/staff and students and believe that a strong PTO is evidence of parental interest and ensures a better school environment for our children.


The PTO holds monthly meetings to discuss and implement the ideas of parents and the teaching staff. Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the first Monday of each month. All are welcome. Even if you are unable to attend meetings, we value your input … please feel free to reach out to us at

Officers (Effective January 2020)

President: Lisa Bazzano

Vice President: Sarah Fiester

Secretary: Kailyn Nadeau

Treasurer: Jenna Brown

Committee Chairs

Communications: Ginger Prisco-Coleman

Cultural Enrichment: Ann DeCerbo

Family Fun: Sarah Fiester

Fundraising: Jenna Brown

Norfolk After School Program: Amy Bennett

Original Works: Darlene Torrant

Receptions/Refreshments: Lisa Bazzano

Scholastic Book Fairs: Sarah Fiester

Annual PTO Sponsored Events

Welcome Back Ice Cream Social

Veteran's Day Luncheon

Fall, Winter & Spring After School Programs

Scholastic Book Fairs

Holiday Fair

Spirit Week + Movie Night

Talent Show

Family Game Night

5th/6th Grade Dance

WIN Weekend Summer Night Festival